Welcome to XKN Media.

A creative design and management agency, based in Stamford.


Welcome to XKN Media

A creative design agency, in Stamford.

Who are we?

XKN Media LTD is a small “one man show” company which is owned, managed and run by Alexander Tkaczyk-Harrison. XKN Media is based in Stamford and specialise in all things website related. My services range from finding your perfect domain, setting up custom email addresses, running advertising campaigns, search engine optimisation (SEO), eCommerce solutions and much much more.

I have recently branched into packaging design and branding.

Take a look at my portfolio of work!

Our Clients...

Jenny Campbell

Jenny Campbell

Loomes & Co.

Loomes & Co.

Chilli Fever

Chilli Fever

A hot sauce company, from Stamford.

Russon Campbell Developments

Russon Campbell Developments

An emerging housing development company.

Our Partners

We work with several companies to make sure we bring the most excellent service to you, our customers. These companies are Kinsta, Google and Namecheap.

After a long career in the world of computers, we have used a lot of different companies over our time. We have carefully selected these companies to bring the best experience to you.



Kinsta is a WordPress hosting company which is, to be honest, absolutely fantastic. The price to use their service is the same as a regular WordPress subscription – but you get so many added benefits from using their service. I’ll name just a few…

1. Backups

Kinsta automatically backup your website every day, and keep a copy of the back up for 14 days. This is extremely useful when you update your plugins, which can (sometimes) cause your site to completely break. Its ultra easy to restore the backup from Kinsta, you simply log into your Kinsta dashboard, select the site in question, open the “Backups” tab, and click the restore button… its that easy!! Having this feature alone, for the same price as a normal WordPress subscription makes it totally worth it.

2. Free SSL

Most hosting companies charge for an SSL certificate. We’ve seen anywhere from $5 for the year, all the way up to $75 for the year. Kinsta offer free SSL to all sites which use their service. To do this simply navigate from the Dashboard to Sites -> Tools. From here, select “Lets encrypt” under the SSL Certificate section, then activate “Force HTTPS”.

3. Free CDN

Kinsta upload your web pages to their new Content Delivery Network (CDN) which is uploaded to servers all over the world. This means that weather people are viewing your website in Bangladesh, or Toronto, it remains lightning fast no matter where they are.


Some more features worth mentioning are site caching, Kinsta make it easy to restart the PHP on your server, password protection, the ability to block IP addresses, and great customer service.


Google Workspace

Over the years, we’ve tried many different email service providers and have eventually settled on Google Workspace. Google Workspace is like an upgraded version of Gmail – and everyone is familiar with Gmail… its been around for a very long time.

Google Workspace lets you have a professional email address, for example, our email address is info@xkn.media and is built with Google Workspace. The user interface is intuitive, and you get many cool features like setting your own task list (which integrates with a separate app on your phone) and being able to set permissions for other email addresses on the account.



Lastly, one thing that every website MUST have is a domain. The domain is where everything begins. Namecheap offer very cheap domains (as the name suggests), and have an excellent customer service team behind them. They are very easy to get hold of via the built in chat feature. It doesnt matter where you are, or what time of day or night it is, you can always get hold of them if you need to ask them a question.


Our three partners, Kinsta, Google and Namecheap are included as standard with our service.